By The Genocide Report
The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) released its mid-year report on the Syria refugee response.
The report indicates that Syrian refugees in host countries continue to live in abject poverty as the ability to provide for the very basic of needs is an ongoing challenge.
The 2016 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) include findings by UNHCR and more than 200 international and national partners. The report considers progress in the host countries of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.
As the conflict in Syria enters its sixth year, host countries endure serious burdens not only economically and socially, but also to their security and political structures. As the numbers continue to increase, public institutions are heavily pressured to deliver basic services to the most vulnerable, increasing the risk of collapse to an already overburdened infrastructure.
As of May 31, approximately 30 percent of the US$4.55 billion had been funded. The money is allocated to UN agencies, inter-governmental organization and NGOs under the 3RP. The money is allocated for intervention planning, to provide assistance to beneficiaries and long-term support to host countries.