Making the World a Witness

In their determination to destroy, the perpetrators of mass atrocities use rape as torture and as a weapon of war, starve out communities and cities, withhold aid, recruit children for soldiers, force displacement of entire cities, commit extrajudicial killings, torture, disappearances, burn out villages, indiscriminately bomb civilian populations - including the use of cluster bombs, chemical weapons and incendiary devices - and use vicious hate speech to demean, terrorize and incite others to commit horrific crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

With your help The Genocide Report works to save the lives of people who are being targeted for abuse, displaced and killed because of who they are and not because of anything they have done.  

Your tax-deductible gift will help us to continue our work - to increase awareness of mass atrocities and genocide through education, to press for the perpetrators to be held accountable and to provide assistance to the victims.

How Contributions are Managed

The majority of our budget (97%) is dedicated to our outreach programs including raising social consciousness and awareness through education and research. Additionally, we designate a small amount for administrative (2.5%) and fundraising (0.5%).  

The Genocide Report accepts no funding from any government agency. We rely solely on your generosity and support to continue our efforts to realize a world where genocide does not exist.

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Donating by Check

If you prefer to donate by check via the postal mail; please make your check payable to The Genocide Report and mail to:

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