43 years of tyranny by the military rulers of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) have resulted in a barrage of human rights violations including atrocious abuses against ethnic minorities, forced displacements, mass rape of women, forced labor, military recruitment of children, arbitrary arrest, torture, imprisonment and extrajudicial state executions.


Several international human rights organizations including Genocide Watch, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called upon the UN to establish an international commission to investigate the grave crimes committed in conflict zones, including Rakhine and Kachin.

Massacre in Rakhine  

Myanmar Map

In the Rakhine state, more than one million people known as Muslim Rohingya, have suffered ethnic and systematic religious discrimination.  The Rohingya have no recognized rights, are not considered citizens and are in essence... stateless. Hundreds of male Rohingya have been detained, restricted from all communication, in deplorable conditions with poor sanitation and inadequate food.

Genocide in Kachin

A similar situation has occurred in the Kachin state as the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Christian population (the majority) has teamed against the Burmese Buddhist government.  In the process, another ethnic group - the Shan - has also been displaced.  Human Rights Watch estimated that more than 75,000 Kachin have been displaced since June 2011. Violations include arbitrary raids and arrest, rapes and murders.
There are growing concerns regarding torture and other methods of harm toward detainees by their perpetrators to extract false confessions. Detainees have been prevented from receiving medical attention, access to lawyers or courts, and are not allowed contact with family.
The Genocide Report is concerned with the atrocious human rights violations being committed in Myanmar and calls on the government to uphold the standards of universal human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Featured Image: Courtesy of Al Jazeera